Dana Adams is not only the real deal but she is a big difference maker for our news operation. Dana is hands down the best talent coach we have ever worked with, and she has a very solid stake in the development of our team and the overall success and momentum of our newsroom.

Rick Blangiardi, President/General Manager, KGMB TV

Television news consultants like no other.

  • Adams Broadcast Consulting gets real results from your talent.
  • We have a combined 40 years of on-camera experience in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, anchoring, reporting, doing weather, sports, traffic and even hosting.
  • It's our experience that makes us effective.
  • We can help your talent reach their absolute potential.
  • We will improve your staff's overall look, delivery, writing, wardrobe, hair, makeup, and even their morale.
  • Being able to relate to your talent makes us more effective and successful than other broadcast news consultants.